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My Healing

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Growing up in a small village in Germany in the 1970s, there was no possibility to go to a so-called "spiritual healer." If you felt sick, you went to a doctor. The treatment often addressed only physical symptoms, not the possible underlying emotional or psychological causes.

From ages 15 to 20, I suffered a lot. I had strange symptoms and different sicknesses. I went from doctor to doctor. No one could help me. No one I consulted knew that a sick person might suffer from spiritual ailments. 

During the `80s and `90s, Western society slowly opened to the idea of so-called "alternative" treatments. I found that alternative practitioners could really help me because most of the issues I had were rooted in spiritual ailments. Because of my positive experience with alternative healing, I became very interested in the idea of spiritual inquiry and helping other people feel better. 

Over the years, through my study with different teachers, I have continued on my own healing journey to develop my ability to help others. Using a pendulum to get guidance from spirit, I find out details about a person's health and spiritual well-being. As my testimonials show, this has proved to be a unique tool to help people in a powerful way.

Based in New York City, I now work remotely with clients all over the United States, and in countries all over the world, including Austria, England, France, and Germany. No matter where you live, healing is always available to you.

"If you are ready to continue your journey in life and get out of any ruts you might be in, Rainer is a great partner to guide you forward."
                                                                   - Peter B., Brooklyn
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