Healing and Faith

I consider myself a Christian-faith healer. I believe that my healing gifts come from God and have been given to me to help people who suffer from physical and psychological illnesses.

When I explain to other Christians that I work as a spiritual healer, I sometimes get a strange reaction. It's often very skeptical, because they immediately connect spiritual work with other religions, or with the New Age movement. I understand this, given that I became a Christian in a church which shared this belief. At that time, this was my conviction as well.

On the other hand, I often get a strange reaction when I discuss my work with those connected to the New Age movement, as I suspect they are uncomfortable with their own perceptions of Christianity.

Since the time I began working on my own healing, I've experienced spiritual healing

practices that come from non-Christian cultures such as Acupuncture, Reiki and

Kinesiology—just to name a few—and have experienced very positive results from many of them. My approach now is to incorporate the techniques I've learned together with my own unique healing gift.

My conviction is that I can learn, practice and incorporate alternative therapies into my own faith-based healing—a faith deeply rooted in Christ and God.


No matter what you believe in, I believe I can help you.

Every human being is spiritually-structured the same way, regardless of culture, religion, or gender.

And it doesn't matter what your faith is, or if you have faith in anything at all.

What matters is your own trust in your own ability to heal.


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