When I tell people that I work as a spiritual healer, they are either fascinated or skeptical. The curious ones ask:

 • What is spiritual healing?

 • How does a spiritual healer work?

Let me answer those questions with a question of my own. Have you ever seen the movie "The Matrix" 

If yes, you know that the Matrix was an artificial world made up and energetically fed by the true world. But the people living in it didn't know that. They believed what they could see and touch. They believed the Matrix was the real world, the only world.


The hero of this story, a young man named Neo, gets help from those who have seen there is another way. He discovers the "real world" he thought he knew doesn't really exist. When the time comes that he can finally see beyond with his own eyes, he isn't the same anymore. He is forever changed.

A spiritual healing works the same way. It takes us to a place beyond the world we can see. We go into the spiritual dimension and start working from there, on your spiritual and energetic body. 

 • From there, I can see where your sickness is manifested.  

 • From there, I can see your guides which supporting you, as well as

    the ones which are blocking your healing.

 • From there, I can find the roots of your physical illness, your psychological

    problems, and any connection to which an addiction is related.


If your spiritual body is healed, 

your physical body MUST heal as a result!


When we talk about sickness, we cannot just talk about the physical problems a person has, symptoms we can see, or self-reported pain. There are three aspects we must examine:

1. Sometimes, psychological problems can cause physical illness. 

2. Sometimes, if one is physically sick, it can cause psychological problems.     

3. The final aspect we must examine is the spiritual condition a person is in. 

     But very often, this is the part people think matters least. 

In our work together, we will examine all three aspects of your health. 

And it is work that we will do together: 

My job is to help you discover your sickness, and help you release it. 

Your job is to be willing to let it go.

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