How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Spiritual healing takes us to a place beyond the physical world. In the spiritual dimension, we can find the roots of many of the things that are troubling us.

When we experience trauma, we very often store the painful emotions in our physical bodies. If unreleased, they can negatively impact our well-being. 
It's easy to ignore our spiritual health. That's why spiritual problems sometimes manifest as physical illnesses. Then, we're forced to pay attention. But to fully recover, we need to get at the root cause.

In the spiritual realm, we can make the necessary adjustments to our energetic bodies: 
• We can see the guides who support us, as well as the ones who might be blocking
   our healing.
• We can find the unsuspected causes of physical illnesses, psychological problems,
   and emotional hang-ups.
• We can connect to our deepest selves, and let go of that which no longer serves our

If your spiritual body is healed, 
your physical body can also begin the healing process!

How I Work

After our first talk on the phone, I look into you through a meditation, using a pendulum to get guidance from spirit. Through this first reading, I find details about your spiritual and energetic health. This is crucial because we need to find out first what you really need before we can start our work together.
Antut Healing
I do not charge for this first reading because I believe that you should know beforehand what your energetic wounds are. You also need to know how many sessions we might need for a deeper soul healing. Most important, this first reading enables me to know if I can help you spiritually, or if you might need a more conventional medical intervention — I'm not a doctor or medical professional.

In our healing sessions, we'll talk via video or phone, but the real work is happening in the spiritual realm. I'll lead you through guided meditations and give you exercises to do on your own. We might work on healing open soul wounds, cutting emotional cords, or even releasing so-called "trigger emotions" that have been piling up and blocking you, sometimes for years. Going through these healing sessions may help you make peace with your past, feel more grounded, and clearer on where to go from here to live your best life. As you can see from my testimonials, clients report feeling better, lighter, and freer.
"Working with Rainer was like taking a journey with an experienced guide that knows where to go but lets you do the walking. With each session, I learned something new about my past that helped me heal present issues."
                                                            - Vittoria T., Milan, Italy
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