My Healing Services

  • Spiritual examination

  • Healing of traumas

  • Soul Retrieval (Soul Mending)

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Healing of chronic illnesses

  • Healing of addictions


  • Healing of sicknesses caused by viruses or bacteria

  • Guiding spirits away

  • Disconnecting from codependencies

  • Disconnecting from curses and spells

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Rainer J. Antut

Spiritual examination

To prepare for our first healing session, I go into a meditation with my pendulum and start asking my spirit guides questions related to your concerns. When we meet, I discuss my findings and together we determine a suitable course of treatment.

The 3 main aspects I will focus on are:

- What is interfering with you from outside (people, energies, spirits, curses)

- How many parts of yourself are lost or locked out (Soul-Retrieval)

- How many (which) traumas or dramatic events are the roots of your concerns

Healing of traumas

There are many kinds of traumas a person experiences during a lifetime. Big ones, like suffering from violence or sexual abuse, or growing up witnessing terrible things in war-torn countries.

But there are also less acute traumas,  like getting bullied as a child, or feeling scared to death because your parents are having a big argument. Or maybe you can't live out your God-given sexuality. Living in hiding can create an unhealthy personality.

However, every kind of trauma creates a block, an energy-field around you which sooner or later becomes a psychological or physical disorder. When we experience extreme trauma, we can even lock out a part of our soul as a way to protect ourselves. When we are not whole, we are out of balance, which causes problems as well.

I can guide you through a healing process of identifying your traumas, releasing the energy connecting to them, and in some cases, reuniting you with lost parts of your soul.

Soul Retrieval (Soul Mending)

It is possible that you lost or locked out part of your self, parts of your soul, or parts of your personality. This can happen through a certain trauma you went through, or maybe you had to change yourself to adjust or survive a certain life situation. If parts of yourself are missing, you are not complete and therefore it will be difficult to heal in a holistic way. Through a so called "Soul Retrieval," I can bring the missing parts of yourself back.

Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery is an ancient healing technique where the healer opens the energetic body of a person to pull out the energies that are causing physical illness or mental problems. 

This is a very powerful healing approach for illnesses that are considered "incurable" according to Western medical knowledge. During this treatment we start with a particular breathing technique to prepare the actual energy-releasing process. Afterward, I close the energetic body so that the actual healing process can begin.


Healing of chronic illnesses

My experience is that most chronic illnesses are connected with specific, unremembered trauma, very often experienced as a child, but sometimes also during young adulthood.

I can help you recover the memories connected to the trauma and remove the blocks, disconnecting you from the event which may be at the root of your chronic illness.

Healing of addictions

Where a person has addictive tendencies, I always find an energy which pulls them to this particular desire. Even when someone is in recovery, this energy can stay in them. Problems can arise because the root was never discovered and never pulled out. Together we can discover where the root lies and release the energies that addiction thrives on.

Healing of sicknesses caused by viruses or bacteria

If a person is sick because of a virus or a bacteria, I can offer treatment to help release the energy which keeps the virus or bacteria alive. Once the virus or bacteria has been "washed out" from the body, there will be still a healing time, but the duration will be lessened. For example, instead of being sick with a flu for 2 weeks, you may go through this healing process within 2 or 3 days.

Guiding spirits away

Whether you're aware of it or not, every human being will be aided by spirit helpers over the course of a lifetime. Spirits can protect, guide and even teach us the lessons we are here to learn. But there are also spirits which where once helpful and important who stay past the point they're needed. If they came to you as a child, when you needed them, they may now interfere with your adult life, making you feel weak and helpless. They may even cause sicknesses, or interfere all the time with your decision-making process. I can determine what spirits are around you, and guide unhelpful spirits away in a loving manner so the spirit is in a better place where it is needed, and you can heal.

Disconnecting from codependencies

Every human being needs to be connected to family, friends, and other important people. But perhaps you find yourself in a situation where you are emotionally connected with someone in an unhealthy way. If you are obsessing over a lost love, or if a person or group controls or harasses you, and you feel you are not able to get away, I can help you disconnect yourself. Creating healthy boundaries is within your grasp.

Disconnecting from curses and spells

These energies are sent for specific reasons, and none of them are good for you. They stay with a person until they are discovered and can be spiritually removed. If you have the feeling that you might be suffering from something like this, I can help identify the cause, and release and disconnect these negative energies.


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