Cameron C., New York
I went to see Rainer for a healing session in November 2020. I was unemployed due to COVID-19, and was feeling a bit anxious and stressed about life in general.
After 3 sessions with Rainer things started improving for me. I started feeling a sense of calm within and with others. I landed a great job in January and overall there was such a huge improvement in my life.
Rainer was so easy to speak to and extremely empathic and non-judgemental. This was important because I find it difficult to trust others with information about my life.
I will continue to see Rainer for “tuneups” and I highly recommend him.
Hilda G., Upstate New York
I've worked with Rainer for a few months to overcome a history of traumatic experiences. After several sessions, I'm feeling light and relieved from burdens of the past. He has also been immensely helpful to family and friends, as I've been sending everyone who is facing challenges to him.
All those people I recommended to him have reported they had amazing healing experiences. I feel blessed to have met Rainer and to have a safe space to explore and heal the roots of my physical and emotional pain.
I believe I'm a better person, partner, healing practitioner and teacher because of his support.
I highly recommend his services!
Tayla M., New York
Rainer is wonderful, I felt very comfortable and after each session I felt light, calm, love.
He guided me into meditation and I was about to walk with my spirit guides and heal wounds from this life and cut chords from my past one. I am incredibly grateful for him and his gifts.
If you have the funds and the intention to work with him, I recommend him.
He has truly helped me so much and I wish for everyone to experience this deep healing.

Lukasz L., New York

I was very satisfied working with Rainer. It was an extremely helpful experience.

His methods of communication with explanations of the topics were presented in a way that I felt very comfortable. I found his techniques very helpful, I am using them on a daily basis and they really work. I found myself lately to be an anxious person and by applying some of his recommended methods, I am able to be present and peaceful which was very hard for me to do before.

Highly recommended, just trust the process and you will learn about yourself and I hope you will find it also helpful to use as a tool to deal with challenges we face daily.

Eloise De L., Brooklyn
I have had several sessions with Rainer and I experience my healing going deeper and deeper each time. I am regaining energies I had lost over my lifetime!
His work is complex though he carries it out with ease. He demonstrates deep compassion, strong intuitive guidance, and keen pendulum skills.
He has helped me work through painful memories of death and divorce in my life—events that had created blockages within myself. He creates a safe place for truth telling and healing.
Rainer is a remarkable healer and anyone would be lucky to work with him.
Tasha B., Queens
Rainer is the best for energetic intuitive healing. He's the real deal!
He's able to pinpoint emotional energetic blockages that need to be healed. When I went to him I didn't have to explain much, he intuitively knew what I needed to help heal and told me things I never told anyone before. He just knew and it was liberating and assuring. He helped to heal the extreme anxiety I was experiencing at the time as well as remove stuck negative energy surrounding me.
Now I have him working on my mom who had the virus to help her walk again. When she came home from the hospital she was very fearful of falling and wouldn't want to try to walk. But now with Rainer's healing treatments, her confidence continues to grow stronger and she's walking! She still has some way to go but now she's willing to try and is motivated to walk again. She's completely changed, done a 180 with her attitude and determination.
Rainer's compassion, support, and healing skills have been such a blessing!
I'm truly grateful for his services and kindness. He's a godsend for me.
Jennifer F., Brooklyn
Nothing short of miraculous! I started visiting Rainer because I was going through a major life transition and feeling like I needed extra support. Rainer identified some past traumas that I needed to address before I could move on and begin the healing process. Through our time together in our sessions, he brought me into meditations where I "cut the cords" tying me to my traumas and was able to let them go.

After a few sessions I came to Rainer with a problem—my ankle was bothering me from an injury that should have healed easily but was sticking around too long and affecting my running. In one session he identified the psychosomatic source of the the pain and removed it. I was flabbergasted and ran a race two days later with zero pain during or after.

If you've never tried pendulum work and are curious, give Rainer a go, you won't be disappointed and your life may even be forever changed.
Nandanie R., Manhattan
Rainer is a generous and kind soul who is very dedicated to the spiritual work he provides for his clients.
It's amazing how much difference it makes when you meet someone who has the ability to tap into your supernatural and karmic world. He has the gift to sense what's around and help you clear through energy that has been obstructing your life.
There were times when I immediately felt weight being lifted off my shoulders.
His healing truly was a karmic experience...a life changing one.
Nancy S., Manhattan
I had several healing sessions with Rainer. After the first, I soon realized that a dark cloud that had been around me, that I'd assumed would always be there, was gone. After the second, the anger that I always felt for a few people fell away.  I think I'm kinder, now. It feels strange, and I'm not used to it yet. It's as though a space inside myself has been washed clean.
Thank you, Rainer.
Jason E. Bernard, The Bronx
Rainer is a master at his work. I’ve been the recipient of his healing abilities throughout this past year. He has the unique ability to identify specific emotional and physical past traumas that one has experienced in one’s lifetime . He then gently guides you through a process which heals these traumas to ultimately allow your spirit and body to be free.
Another specialty of him is his ability to release blocked energy due to scar tissue. The effects of this process are instantly felt. In this process I was physically able to feel the emotional imbalance leave my body. Overall, this process has been painless and empowering! Thank You Rainer. You are a kind and gentle spirit. I will continue to recommend my family and friends to you and tell them of your great work.
Ingrid S., Vienna, Austria
I can highly recommend Rainer! Since I live in Europe, Rainer agreed on doing remote-healing-sessions which was really great, since it would not have been possible for
me to fly to NYC.
It took us quite a few sessions, because I wanted to resolve different issues in my life:
my divorce, troubles with my sister and parents, my jobs... and I must say, in the last
couple of months, my life has changed quite a lot: I quit my job and have become self-employed, I finally moved out from my former apartment, my relationship has become stable and I am starting to find inner peace.
Rainer's gentle spirit is very helpful, when the past experiences hit hard and very confidently he lead me through the meetings with the spirits. It's a joy to work through your past with Rainer and finally find healing of your body and soul.
Vittoria T., Milan, Italy
Working with Rainer was like taking a journey with an experienced guide that knows where to go but lets you do the walking. With each session I learned something new about my past that helped me heal present issues.
Rainer helped me through the entire process with his confident and radiant presence. Unlike other professionals in this field, Rainer aims at helping a patient heal and then move on with his/her life. I highly recommend working with him.
Suzana D., Paris, France
Working with Rainer was a sheer pleasure. Within an extremely professional, structured and organized approach, Rainer managed to touch and help me address and resolve several deeply rooted emotional topics in a very sensitive and comprehensive way.
Every step of the way he was sharing the broader framework and understanding of the healing process and passing on some techniques for future self-support.
I was particularly impressed with the easiness and impact of remote working in this area, did not feel the difference from the sessions in person.
Peter B., Brooklyn
My experience with Rainer was nothing but positive. I looked forward to going each week and we worked through some issues and through the process discovered some underlying traumas that I didn't even think about.
It was sort of crazy how quickly I came up from the low energy state I was in to a state of buoyancy and freedom. If you are ready to continue your journey in life and get out of any ruts you might be in, Rainer is a great partner to guide you forward.
Denise F.A., Brooklyn
Rainer is a true gem and his spiritual therapy is super helpful. I was able to self reflect and identify the deeply rooted events that have silently traumatized me. Lots of healing took place and I continue to apply what I've learned to date.
I recommend his services.
Nicholas K., New York
I periodically attended healing sessions with Rainer for about 6 months. By the end of that time, unbeknownst, my life was drastically different. I got a hair cut, settled relationship problems, and ended up starting the career of my dreams.
Rainer is a gifted person, he guided me through these spiritual healing journeys and help me find the answers I needed to succeed.
I'm happy to have met him and invested in this experience.